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On the Occasion of Ramadan

On the Occasion of Ramadan

As the month of Ramadan begins, I wish Ramadan Kareem to the more than 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. This year, this season of peace comes at a time of conflict and pain for many Muslim communities, including Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh, and Palestinians in Gaza.

This pain is felt acutely by Muslims around the world, and so this year, Ramadan feels different. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is heartbreaking. As we deliver additional aid to Gaza, we will continue to work non-stop to establish an immediate and sustained ceasefire for at least six weeks as part of a deal that releases hostages. We will also continue to pursue a two-state solution to ensure Palestinians and Israelis share equal measures of freedom, dignity, security, and prosperity. Peace is possible, it is necessary, and it is urgent.

Many of our fellow Americans – including U.S. diplomats – will also celebrate Ramadan this year. For us, it is an occasion to acknowledge the role that religious diversity plays in strengthening our country and the importance of freedom of religion or belief both at home and abroad. The United States remains committed to ensuring that this freedom extends to everyone around the world. To those observing Ramadan—I wish you a Ramadan Kareem as you gather with your families and friends to set intentions and prepare for this blessed month.

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