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Kingdom of the Netherlands National Day

Kingdom of the Netherlands National Day

On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and wish His Majesty King Willem-Alexander a happy birthday on Koningsdag.

Ever since Henry Hudson sailed the Dutch East India Company’s Halve Maen into New York Harbor in 1609, our two nations have prospered together through the common pursuit of fair and open trade and an ever-deepening commitment to democracy and fundamental human rights. We are proud of the long history of friendship and deep cultural ties with the Netherlands, including over three million Americans and several Presidents who claim Dutch heritage.

Our shared history has not always been perfect, but we are working together to acknowledge and right the wrongs of the past. I applaud the Netherlands’ examination of the history and legacy of its past as the Slavery Memorial Year draws to a close. We continue to work together in support of human dignity and justice.

Our Alliance continues in NATO, where the United States and the Netherlands stand committed to defending our freedom and shared values, as well as investing in our collective defense. The United States commends the strong Dutch commitments to Ukraine, democracy, and the rule of law against Russia’s war of aggression.

Fijne Koningsdag to the people of the Netherlands!

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/kingdom-of-the-netherlands-national-day-2/