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Seabees Showcase STEM and Heritage in New Interactive Display

Seabees Showcase STEM and Heritage in New Interactive Display

This new static display is a colorful container; a gateway to understanding the rich history and technological success of the Naval Construction Force, particularly designed to inspire the next generation of engineers through interactive and educational STEM activities.

Capt. Tres Meek, Commodore of Naval Construction Group One (NCG1), highlighted the importance of the initiative, saying, “The Seabee static display at Los Angeles Fleet Week represents more than our history; it is a bridge to the future of engineering and innovation, engaging young minds in STEM to inspire tomorrow’s leaders in naval construction.”

During Fleet Week, attendees, both young and old, were captivated by interactive demonstrations such as the use of surveyor’s equipment by BU2 Caine Cyrus, assisted by LS2 Avery Williams with a leveling rod. These live demonstrations showcased practical Seabee skills and their applications in the field. The display itself houses an array of exhibits, from detailed timelines of Seabee history to hands-on STEM activities designed to engage the general public alike, making engineering and science both fun and accessible.

“The Seabees’ interactive displays and educational outreach at Fleet Week are pivotal, bridging naval history with modern engineering marvels, offering a hands-on experience that resonates with families and future engineers alike.” Said Mike Getscher, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Pacific Battleship Center, USS Iowa Museum.

Fleet Week Los Angeles is a public event hosted by the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, typically held at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro. This annual event aims to honor the nation’s sea services and provides an opportunity for the public to learn about the maritime agencies and their capabilities.

Naval Construction Group One (NCG1) operates from its homeport and serves as the Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) for its assigned forces. NCG1 leads and manages the overall capability and readiness of Naval Construction Regiments (NCR’s), Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB’s), Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU), and Underwater Construction Team (UCT). NCG1 is responsible for manning, training, equipping and deploying combat-ready Naval Construction Force (NCF) units in support of combatant commanders (CCDRs) and Navy component commander (NCC). NCG1 also provides program management and oversight in support of subordinate units and supports the Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise Force Development (Fd) efforts. NCG1 provides the required engineering support that the Navy and Nation needs to construct and maintain base facilities, repair battle damaged facilities, conduct defensive operations as required, and to meet disaster preparedness and recovery missions.

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