ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2023 / — Retired General Charles H. Jacoby, Quintillion’s Senior Strategic Advisor holds valuable insight into Alaska’s role in national security along with the value that subsea fiber optic cable holds for enhancing communication and defense in the Arctic region of North America. And as a skilled military strategist, General Jacoby advocates that communication systems in the Arctic are critical components for competing in this space.

In explaining the threats that Alaska and the United States face, Jacoby states that threats today are “not just ICBMs, tanks, and propeller-driven bombers.” The truth is, there exist threats across all domains including space, cyberspace, undersea regions, surface regions, and hypersonics. In order to meet these new threats head-on and keep Alaska along with the rest of the nation secure, the reliance on high-performance digital communications data couldn’t be more critical.

Fiber optics is essentially vital for enhancing the security capabilities in the Arctic in order to act as America’s first warning system. And through a 1700-mile subsea and terrestrial fiber optic system, Quintillion has brought in high-speed broadband for the secure transportation of data to the North American Arctic. As a result of Quintillion’s efforts, this new system can now be leveraged for security, safety, and defense measures, and to bridge the digital gap that rural and native communities in the Arctic have gone so long without.

Quintillion’s mission to deliver superior communications to regions of the Arctic has brought much-needed infrastructure that can be used to modernize the warning systems in the North American Arctic. And Quintillion’s continued partnerships will work to help strengthen the security of Alaska and the United States.

Overall, Quintillion’s mission doesn’t end with subsea fiber. If you want to learn more about subsea fiber optic cable systems and Quintillion’s role in national security, you can check out the Quintillion website to stay up to date on all of the latest news.

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Article originally published on as Quintillion Releases New Guide Addressing Strategic Threats to North American Interests in the Arctic

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