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Digitize Designs to Demonstrate Advanced 3D Scanning Tech at Space Tech Expo 2024

Digitize Designs to Demonstrate Advanced 3D Scanning Tech at Space Tech Expo 2024

Space Tech Expo | USA 2024 featuring Digitize Designs at Booth #5044

Join us at BOOTH #5044 for live demos of the latest in aerospace 3D scanning technology, May 13-15.

We’re excited to demo the all-new Scantech® NimbleTrack™, a powerful wireless 3D scanner setting new standards in aerospace precision, alongside the FARO® ScanArm™ and Artec 3D® Leo™.”

— Robby Berthume, Head of Marketing

LONG BEACH, CA, USA, May 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Digitize Designs, a leading force in the 3D scanning industry, is excited to announce its exclusive participation at this year’s Space Tech Expo | USA, the premier event for space technology on the West Coast. From May 13-15, 2024, a select group of attendees can visit BOOTH #5044 at the Long Beach Convention Center to experience firsthand Digitize Designs’ cutting-edge capabilities and product offerings in 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Space Tech Expo | USA is known for bringing together industry leaders and innovative technology companies to explore the latest spacecraft, satellite, and launcher services. At the forefront of these technological advancements, Digitize Designs will demonstrate their exceptional tools and techniques that are revolutionizing the design and manufacturing of spacecraft components with unmatched precision and efficiency. These 3D scanning technologies not only enhance the speed and accuracy of aerospace engineering but also contribute significantly to cost reduction and improved safety measures.

At Space Tech Expo | USA, Digitize Designs will demonstrate the significance and user-friendliness of advanced 3D scanning technologies in the aerospace sector. The company is excited to display its array of top-tier equipment, each engineered to simplify complex engineering tasks while ensuring unmatched accuracy. Featured technologies include the FARO® ScanArm™, renowned for its precise measurement and ease of use in inspection tasks; the Artec 3D® Leo™, which offers intuitive handling with onboard processing and a user-friendly touch panel; the compact and agile Scantech® SimScan™, ideal for fast and detailed scans in challenging environments; and the groundbreaking NimbleTrack™ 3D Scanning System by Scantech, the first wireless handheld professional 3D scanner designed to make high-quality scanning straightforward and efficient.

At Space Tech Expo | USA, Digitize Designs will be exhibiting alongside notable industry leaders such as Boeing®, Lockheed Martin®, and Northrop Grumman®. These companies represent the pinnacle of aerospace innovation, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions that drive the industry forward. By presenting our advanced 3D scanning technologies in this esteemed company, we aim to highlight our commitment to quality and innovation in the aerospace sector.

Visitors to the booth (#5044) will have the unique opportunity to engage with Digitize Designs’ team of experts, including Robby Berthume, Kyle Burdine, Head of Sales, and Michael Erickson, Sales Engineer. These seasoned professionals bring passion and precision to our booth. They will offer live, in-person demonstrations showcasing the prowess of their scanning technology and its application in real-world aerospace projects.

This appearance follows Digitize Designs’ recent impactful showing at MRO Americas Aviation Week® in Chicago, IL, where they showcased significant advancements in maintenance, repair, and operations for aviation. The team will also be ready to demo leading 3D scanning software from partners, including Oqton® (Geomagic Design X™ and Control X™), InnovMetric® (PolyWorks|Inspector™), Mesh2Surface™, QuickSurface™, and DezignWorks®. Additionally, a selection of exclusive aerospace 3D scanning accessories, like AESUB’s innovative scanning sprays, further enhances the functionality and utility of 3D scanning technology in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.

For more information about Digitize Designs and their participation in the Space Tech Expo | USA or to schedule a personal demonstration at the event, please visit https://www.digitizedesigns.com or contact Robby Berthume directly at robby.berthume@digitizedesigns.com. We look forward to welcoming you to Booth #5044 and showcasing firsthand the future of aerospace engineering with our advanced 3D scanning technology.

About Digitize Designs

Digitize Designs specializes in providing comprehensive 3D scanning solutions. With partnerships including industry leaders such as FARO®, Artec 3D®, and Scantech®, Digitize Designs offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in scanning technology, tailor-made for the complexities of aerospace engineering and beyond. They continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D scanning to empower their customers to achieve and exceed their technological aspirations, propelling the aviation and aerospace industry into the future of space exploration.

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