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Albania achieves 100% green energy production and holds key minerals for sustainable transactions

Albania achieves 100% green energy production and holds key minerals for sustainable transactions

Sahit Muja CEO Albanian Minerals

Albania’s milestone in achieving 100% green energy production, and also holding crucial minerals for sustainable transactions

NEW YORK, NEW YORK , UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ —
In 2023, the Albanian Government’s Ministry of Energy heralds the culmination of all Hydropower plants, reaching an unprecedented peak propelled by substantial regional rainfall. Albania has achieved the remarkable feat of generating near 100% of its energy needs, exporting a surplus of notable green energy to neighboring nations. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/albania-green-european-country-month-083522917.html

The burgeoning potential of green energy positions Albania as a beacon of promise for future generations, solidifying its standing as one of the world’s foremost territories. The nation strategically implements substantial Hydro-power plants, fortifying its energy portfolio with a significant share from the environmentally conscious hydro source and presenting ample opportunities for the construction of additional hydro-power facilities.


Sahit Muja chairman and Founder of Green Minerals, Albanian Minerals said, “Moving beyond hydro-power, wind and solar energy emerge as formidable contenders in the realm of energy production. Albania boasts robust winds from low sea levels to the majestic Alps, claiming some of the most robust winter winds in Europe. The country also enjoys prodigious solar energy potential, basking in an abundance of sunlit days within the Mediterranean region.

Albania stands as a resplendent tapestry of opulence across Europe, each square mile adorned with awe-inspiring beaches, majestic mountains, meandering rivers, tranquil lakes, luxuriant forests, and fertile soil, propelling it into the upper echelons of the world’s most affluent nations per capita in water resources.”

“Albanian land in Kosovo has its abundance in lignite, zinc, lead, gold, rare earths, bauxite, tin, silver, nickel, magnesium, aluminum, limestone, marble, quartz, industrial minerals, chrome ore, and more. Notably, Kosovo possesses a staggering 50 billion tons of lignite reserves, ranking it among the world’s premier repositories. Despite this wealth, over 90% of the natural endowments in Albania and Kosovo remain untapped, representing an extensive reservoir of mineral affluence poised for transformative impact on economic development in both nations and the broader European context.

Albania boasts the world’s highest-quality chrome ore reserves in Europe. Additionally, the nation possesses vast reserves of bauxite, copper, nickel, cobalt, iron ore, gold, chromium, antimony, coal, manganese, phosphates, tin, rare earth elements, uranium, platinum, copper, PGE, vanadium, titanium, zircon, salt, bitumen, limestone, marble, industrial minerals, and a myriad of other valuable resources — a mineral wealth that holds significant potential in facilitating green energy transactions”. Sahit Muja said.

Albanian Minerals’ research in 2023 illuminates Europe’s most untapped mineral wealth nestled within Albania and Kosovo. To fully harness this potential, Sahit Muja ardently advocates for a reinvigorated vision, emphasizing the imperative to foster an investor-friendly environment, reduce tax burdens, streamline regulations, and rectify foundational challenges plaguing the judicious management of the region’s natural resources.


Sahit Muja said, “Albania’s strides in renewable energy and its extraordinary natural affluence position it as a global exemplar in sustainability—a lush utopia adorned with both innate beauty and historical resonance. It stands as one of Europe’s most prosperous realms in terms of natural resources, encapsulating a future replete with the promise of economic prosperity and conscientious resource utilization”.

Sahit Muja emphasized that Albania is swiftly emerging as one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations, a divine creation showcasing the natural wonders of North Albania where God’s benevolence is undeniably evident.

The question arises: Why does Tropoje, Albania boast the cleanest air in the world? The scientific explanation lies in the pristine condition of the Alps in Tropoja, untouched by mass human habitation, pollution, degradation, and industrialization. This area is poised to become one of Europe’s foremost tourist attractions, retaining its unspoiled allure. Albania, with its unparalleled coastline and pristine beaches, anticipates an extraordinary surge in tourism. Tropoje, Albania, is renowned for having some of the cleanest air globally, courtesy of the world’s largest magnesium olivine.

With its invigorating, pure air and snow-draped mountains, Tropoje, Albania, is a visual feast and a sanctuary for the soul.In Albania, a diverse array of captivating beaches, rivers, lakes, and villages unfolds from one end of the country to the other, each possessing its unique charm. Albania boasts some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring mountain chains globally, rising majestically above the landscape. These natural wonders stand alone, each resembling a sculptural masterpiece, separated by meandering rivers like Valbona, Drini, Shala, and Vjosa, connected by some of the most enchanting passes on the planet.

Sahit Muja said; “The rocky formations rising from the waters in beaches, rivers, and lakes ascend near vertically, crafting towers, spires, and castles. Truly appreciating these wonders necessitates stepping out of the confines of a tour bus, venturing into the National Parks, standing atop spectacular mountain peaks, and breathing in some of the purest air on Earth. For those with a penchant for culinary delights, Albania is a gastronomic paradise. Whether savoring the local cuisine, indulging in fresh fish, meat, or honey, the culinary offerings are unparalleled. Dip your freshly baked bread in olive oil and ‘bush dust,’ a delectable blend of various herbs and spices. Albania’s is one of the world’s richest lands in water resources, complemented by an unparalleled diversity of minerals and metals. The Alps and the Mediterranean landscape contribute to the harmonious blend of natural riches that set Albania apart as a haven for those seeking unspoiled beauty”.

Introducing Sahit Muja, the pioneering visionary at the forefront of investments in green innovation. Currently, he is advancing cutting-edge science and technology, leading initiatives in CO2 capture, addressing water and land pollution, and revolutionizing green nickel production in Albania.

Sahit Muja, an accomplished Albanian-American tycoon with a net worth surpassing 3.5 billion USD, commands a global presence in business, investment, and groundbreaking technologies. As the Chairman and CEO of influential enterprises including Global Mining, Green Minerals, and Albanian Minerals, Muja’s impact spans diverse industries, from mining, metals, and minerals to oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and innovative green technologies.


His strategic investments in mining have yielded remarkable results, uncovering over 1 trillion tons of valuable minerals worldwide. Currently overseeing the world’s largest magnesium reserves. Muja’s influence globally extends to high-grade chrome ore, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, aluminum, iron ore, manganese, and Rare Earth Minerals.

Beyond his business prowess, Muja’s life narrative embodies the quintessence of the American dream. Rising from a modest Albanian background, he toiled as a teenager, harvesting medical flowers. Today, he co-owns the world’s largest hyperaccumulating flower farms—a testament to resilience and determination.

Muja’s impact extends into the energy sector, with investments spanning oil, natural gas, wind energy, hydropower, and solar energy, projecting values into the hundreds of billions of dollars. His diversified portfolio encompasses over 500 global companies, highlighting his influence in philanthropy, social services, and humanitarian relief.

Renowned for his innovative approach, Muja plays a pivotal role in the development and adoption of magnesium. Recognizing magnesium’s vast potential, he leads unprecedented investments in science and technology. Magnesium’s diverse applications, from automotive and aerospace to military and biomedical sectors, position it as a catalyst for technological advancements and manufacturing breakthroughs.

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, Muja emphasizes magnesium batteries, boasting higher energy density to rival lithium-ion batteries. His initiatives also include pioneering developments in hydrogen production and storage using magnesium, presenting innovative solutions for the future.

Muja’s visionary leadership seamlessly integrates business acumen with a commitment to sustainability. His investments align with the global shift toward clean energy, environmental responsibility, and technological innovation.

Sahit Muja’s remarkable journey, from a challenging childhood to becoming a global leader, exemplifies resilience, hard work, and steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on the world. His collaborations with scientists and institutions have achieved significant success, notably in using magnesium for CO2 sequestration and producing green nickel. https://www.wicz.com/story/50233723/new-scientific-breakthroughs-using-magnesium-for-carbon-removal-emerges-as-a-beacon-of-hope

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