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Softek Awnings Announces Acquisition by Blackwing Advisors

Softek Awnings Announces Acquisition by Blackwing Advisors

Atlanta, Georgia – Softek Awnings, a renowned metal, fabric, and retractable awning company in Atlanta, Georgia, is happy to announce its recent acquisition by Blackwing g Advisors. The acquisition marks a new chapter for the awning company with a renewed focus on growth and establishing new relationships with partners.

With a reputation for industry-leading business development and financial modeling and business development, Barry Loudis of Blackwing Advisors is excited to leverage Softek Awnings’ impressive 30-year reputation for serving Atlanta and surrounding areas with world-class awnings, canopies, and custom outdoor solutions. Mr. Loudis is eager to expand the company’s product lines and maintain partnerships with many of Atlanta’s largest contractors, builders and property managers and home owners while maintaining Softek Awnings’ core focus on quality products and outstanding customer service.

“After 25 years in the media space, I am now the proud owner of Softek Awnings in Atlanta, Georgia,” said Mr Loudis. “Softek Awnings is the next challenge for me and cannot wait to work with anyone in the Atlanta area (or beyond) that’s looking for new ways to bring outdoor enjoyment to your family, friends or customers.”

Softek Awnings has established itself by offering customers bespoke, high-quality awning designs that have been uniquely tailored to match their specific needs and budgets. The leading awning company Atlanta ensures to work closely with homeowners and businesses to deliver its celebrated customer service to help create custom shading designs that enhance every outdoor space. Softek Awnings highly-rated awning services include:

Residential Awnings: A functional, affordable way to add curb appeal, Softek Awnings residential awnings offer homeowners the opportunity to add a personal touch to their home exteriors with bespoke shade structures over their windows that mitigate or prevent water damage, protect a home from harmful UV rays and lowers energy bills. 

Commercial Awnings: Softek Awnings enables businesses to efficiently promote their physical store to new and old customers while additionally offering a shaded outdoor space. Effective for seamlessly advertising a brand and drawing potential customers’ attention, commercial awnings can also provide asset protection by preventing damage to furniture and rugs caused by UV rays and lowering the energy costs of running air conditioning in the hot summer months. 

Featured at well-known establishments in Atlanta, such as Hartsfield International Airport, Phipps Plaza, and Emory University, Softek Awnings has cemented its standing as the number one trusted provider of awnings in Georgia. Now, under the new leadership of Barry Loudis and Blackwing Advisors, it is poised to further expand its offerings and positive impact on its local community.

Softek Awnings encourages businesses or homeowners ready to begin designing their new shade structure to fill out the contact form via its website to hear back from a professional member of the top awning company’s team.

About Softek Awnings

Established in 1992, Softek Awnings has earned a remarkable local reputation for its high-quality work, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices. From the design stage to the fabrication and installation, Softek Awnings is committed to providing businesses and homeowners in Atlanta, GA, with premier awning designs.

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To learn more about Softek Awnings and its recent acquisition by Blackwing Advisors, please visit the website at https://softekawnings.com/.

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About Softek Awnings

Since 1992, Softek has developed a fantastic reputation for high quality work, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. Just ask any one of our thousands of customers in the Atlanta area. This is the reason many of the largest contractors and builders in Atlanta keep coming back to us.

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