Home Education HexaBuild Hits Milestone of Over 4,000 Days of IPv6 Education Delivered

HexaBuild Hits Milestone of Over 4,000 Days of IPv6 Education Delivered

HexaBuild Hits Milestone of Over 4,000 Days of IPv6 Education Delivered
HexaBuild Offers Greatest Breadth of IPv6 Training in the Industry

Over the past five years, HexaBuild has been extremely busy developing and delivering over 32,000 hours of IPv6 content to its clients. HexaBuild's team of IPv6 industry-recognized experts and published IPv6 book authors are teaching these classes with the most up-to-date information and best-current-practices for IPv6 deployment.

HexaBuild has IPv6 Forum certified trainers and can deliver IPv6 Forum certified course content. Students include nearly 2,000 individuals that hold positions as lead network architects and engineers, IT leadership, and those responsible for the operation of IPv6 networks. All classes are live instructor-lead, virtual, and fully interactive, which saves travel costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and mitigates health risks. Technical classes are hands-on, multi-vendor, cloud-reachable labs. HexaBuild has the ability to customize and tailor the course materials to suit its clients needs and their chosen IT infrastructure vendors.

HexaBuild's IPv6 curriculum includes courses on Introduction to IPv6, Technical Introduction to IPv6 for engineers (hands-on labs), IPv6 Address Planning, Host OSs and IPv6 (hands-on labs), IPv6 for Helpdesk teams (hands-on labs), IPv6 Security (hands-on labs), Advanced IPv6 bootcamp for implementers (hands-on labs), IPv6 for DevOps (hands-on labs), IPv6 Running on AWS (hands-on labs), IPv6-Only Architecture and Design, Deploying IPv6-Only (hands-on labs), Wireless and IPv6, IPv6 and Voice Systems, and other vendor-specific courses.

HexaBuild's clientele include U.S. federal civilian and scientific enterprises, U.S. and international defense organizations, U.S. state and local governments, cable MSOs, regional education networks, Fortune 10 large big-box and online retailers, multinational coffee retailer, Fortune 100 software technology corporations, IT equipment manufacturers, and international religious organizations.

"Our philosophy is to empower our clients to be able to perform deployment and long-term operations on their own. We have developed a proven IPv6 deployment methodology and have incorporated that into our overall course curriculum. We measure our success by how we enable our clients to be self-sufficient with IPv6 success on their own networks," said Scott Hogg, HexaBuild's Chief Technology Officer.

HexaBuild continues to develop and deliver the latest hands-on technical IPv6 training, striving to be the premier IPv6 training and consulting firm worldwide. HexaBuild has a channel of global partnerships and has also been awarded multiple sole-source contracts by U.S. government customers. For more information on how to purchase HexaBuild training and consulting services or a list of our channel partnerships, please visit the HexaBuild website

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