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From Mohammed the Robot to Brain-Driven Devices, DeepFest Opens Tomorrow with Unrivalled Future Tech Insights

From Mohammed the Robot to Brain-Driven Devices, DeepFest Opens Tomorrow with Unrivalled Future Tech Insights

DeepFest Opens Tomorrow with Unrivalled Future Tech Insights

The power of brain-computer interfaces will be unpicked, while a new report into development, ethics and upskilling in Generat

SARA, the first humanoid robot crafted in KSA

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, March 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — DeepFest, the premier meeting place for the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem, opens tomorrow in Saudi Arabia, bringing a tech-driven future to life. Running at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre, Malham, alongside the third edition of LEAP – the world’s most-attended tech event – DeepFest will host 120 global AI providers and 150 world-leading AI experts over its four-day run.

Powered by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), DeepFest 2024 will be an unrivalled gathering of the world’s leading tech companies and businesses who will exhibit the breakthroughs set to transform lives worldwide.

A much-anticipated highlight of the event is a speaker slot for Mohammed, The Human Robot, who will address the opening day of the DeepFest conference. He is the male counterpart to SARA, the groundbreaking first humanoid robot crafted in the Kingdom.

“DeepFest 2024 will be a dynamic platform with compelling demos of AI robotic humans, and a conference that will take thought-leadership to a whole new stratosphere,” said Michael Champion, CEO of Tahaluf, the strategic joint venture between Informa PLC, the Events Investment Fund (EIF), and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones (SAFCSP), which organises LEAP alongside the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). “DeepFest will also showcase the unfolding of a near-future world through dedicated sector tracks, trainings, live demos, innovative sessions, and start-up pitches,”

At DeepFest’s conference, thought-leaders, change-makers, data scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, and start-up founders will pursue a themed programme, journeying through the Dawn of AI, AI in Action, the AI Frontier, and the Shape of Things To Come.

Harnessing Brain Power

On its opening day and under the banner ‘Dawn of AI’, DeepFest will take a deep dive into the milestones that transform the digital mind, featuring Dr Ramses Alcaide, CEO and Co-founder of Neurable, which develops products that use brain data to help people work smarter. Dr Alcaide will take delegates into an extraordinary near-future where brain-computer interfaces – BCIs – seamlessly merge with everyday devices.

“This convergence heralds a new era of human-machine symbiosis, where the boundaries between mind and technology blur, and our brain activity become commands that shape our digital experiences,” explained Dr Alcaide.

“With BCIs at the helm, our devices become extensions of our cognition, responding intuitively to our desires and intentions with unprecedented precision. Furthermore, imagine a world where these interfaces serve as gateways to understanding the complexities of our minds, offering profound insights into our mental health in real-time and empowering us to optimise our cognitive well-being like never before. Beyond mere convenience, BCIs hold the transformative potential to revolutionise healthcare, enabling early detection and personalised interventions for neurodegenerative diseases. As we see neurotechnology becoming a part of our everyday lives in the next five years, we will unlock boundless possibilities, reshaping the very fabric of human existence.”

Day One will also hear forecasts on AI’s longevity, ethics, economics, and potential impacts, both good and bad, from Dr Omar Hatamleh, Chief Advisor for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at Goddard Space Flight Centre and the leader of NASA’s IT strategy.

Development, Ethics, and Upskilling in Gen AI

Meanwhile, global consulting and technology services leader Accenture is planning to launch a new Generative AI (GAI) report in collaboration with a leading Saudi Arabian Government entity that delves deep into the technology’s potential.

Lan Guan, Accenture’s Chief AI Officer, will address DeepFest’s GAI segment and revealed Accenture experts will share AI insights distilled from more than 3,000 conversations with clients, discuss responsible AI development, and emphasise the ethical considerations and upskilling strategies crucial for its successful adoption. “Delegates will witness the transformative impact of generative AI across industries and regions, presented by our experts,” she said. “Together we will envision a future where AI unites, fostering collaboration and bridging the digital divide.”

Frontier of the Future

The conference’s third day, ‘AI Frontier’, will investigate the cutting-edge research and innovations shaping AI’s future, while the final conference day will focus on the collaborations, ethics, sustainability, and societal implications of AI as well as how its potential can be responsibly harnessed for the benefit of humanity.

Other keynote speakers confirmed across the four days include Philippe Rambach, Senior Vice President and Chief AI Officer, Schneider Electric; Gary Sorrentino, Global Chief Information Officer, Zoom; Noorin Virani, Group Director of Data and Insights, LVMH; Thomas Davin, Global Innovation Director, UNICEF; and Sanjeevan Bala, Group Chief Data & AI Officer, ITV.

For more information visit www.deepfest.com


About LEAP:

Saudi Arabia is putting itself at the forefront of emerging tech through large-scale adoption and ambitious pilot projects. Its ambition will be showcased on a global stage and the Kingdom will become a hub that connects three continents. LEAP is a manifestation of this ambition. A seismic event that accelerates the adoption of technology and transforms Saudi Arabia’s economy. Together with LEAP, the Kingdom will see mass tech adoption, a shift away from oil as the principal strategic economic resource, and instead become a regional hub for both traditional and emerging technology.

Saudi Arabia has an endless ambition to shoot for something beyond that thought possible, to achieve a significant impact from game-changing tech and globally disruptive projects and to always keep one eye on the stars.

About Tahaluf:

Headquartered in Riyadh, Tahaluf brings together strategically important commercial communities from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the wider Gulf region, and from around the world to a portfolio of world-class exhibitions and digital platforms.

Tahaluf is a joint venture partnership between Informa PLC, the world’s largest tradeshow organiser, the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP), and Events Investment Fund (EIF). Sela, the Saudi-owned event production company renowned for its creation of spectacular event experiences, intends to join the joint venture in the near future.

Following the highly successful launches in the Kingdom of award-winning tech events LEAP, Black Hat Middle East, the artificial intelligence event DeepFest, Cityscape Global, the Global Health Exhibition and InFlavour for the food industry, Tahaluf plans to launch further diverse original concept events for the Infrastructure sector, the VC community, and multiple other sectors including Health, Consumer, Aviation, Consumer and Luxury. Tahaluf will also bring iconic Informa brands to Saudi Arabia, including CPHI and Cosmoprof, serving the global pharmaceutical and beauty industries, respectively.

For more information about Tahaluf, visit https://tahaluf.com.

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