Home Aviation Ambry Hill Technologies Automates Aviation Aftermarket RFQ Quoting With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ambry Hill Technologies Automates Aviation Aftermarket RFQ Quoting With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ambry Hill Technologies Automates Aviation Aftermarket RFQ Quoting With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
A shining example of putting the power of AI directly in the hands of end-users to create real-world and practical benefits in the aviation aftermarket community.

Aviation RFQ VistaQuote Using Artificial Intelligence

VistaQuote now uses the power of artificial intelligence within its aviation RFQ quoting software technology.

Ambry Hill Technologies is pleased to announce that VistaQuote now uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically understand and process human-typed, freeform emails into the www.Vista-Quote.com platform just like any other RFQ. This capability is available right now in VistaQuote. 

The gap in technology, where AI is a perfect fit as a solution, is in the recognition and processing of the non-marketplace and non-listing service RFQs. VistaQuote has been great for processing marketplace and listing service RFQs, but what about the random RFQ emails typed by a human asking for availability and pricing?

Cole Davisson, Vice President of Software Innovation at Ambry Hill Technologies, explains, "Imagine pairing VistaQuote's automatic quoting with our AI recognition of human-typed RFQ emails. This exciting combination of AI and auto-quoting means that RFQ emails are recognized, interpreted, have the data extracted, are made into an RFQ within VistaQuote, and within seconds the customer will receive a quote without a human shepherding it throughout the entire process."

When the AI in VistaQuote successfully extracts the information from an email, VistaQuote can kick off a variety of automations like dispatching it to the appropriate salesperson, executing an export compliance check through Descartes 700+ restricted third-party databases, or check inventory availability. All this is to stage the RFQ/RFP for immediate action.

Paul Stewart, Founder and President of Ambry Hill Technologies, states, "At Ambry Hill, we are tenacious innovators and problem solvers, finding new ways of using technology to make real-world impacts today, not tomorrow." He continues, "Compared to the traditional way of processing RFQs and quotes with a regular email inbox, when VistaQuote's AI engine and auto-quoting both enabled, your employees can focus on selling parts and services, not reading emails."

See a demo of VistaQuote to learn more about how the practical use of artificial intelligence, auto-quoting, and more can be your new competitive advantage.

About Ambry Hill Technologies 

Ambry Hill Technologies is an innovative software company specializing in cloud-based and mobile business management applications that are purpose-built for the aviation aftermarket community. Ambry Hill's software solutions are well-informed and thoughtfully designed.

Visit Ambry Hill Technologies online at ambryhill.com/products to learn more about VistaSuite Business Management Software, VistaQuote RFQ and Quote Automation, and VistaOne Database Consolidation Viewer. To contact someone at Ambry Hill directly, call 1-612-367-8472 or email [email protected].

The Ambry Hill Technologies headquarters is located at 134 Adams Street South in Cambridge, Minnesota, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AirT, Inc., which is an industrious American holding company established in 1980 and consists of more than 12 companies with over 600 employees.

Contact Information:
Eric Schech
Product Brand Manager
[email protected]
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