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Work Orders

The Work Order module helps you manage your organization’s internal requests for repairs, improvements, new development, or as a starting point to generating RFPs or RFBs to put up for bid from external contractors.

  • Generate a new Work Order by specifying everything about the request:
    • Specify the originator department or staff member.
    • Assign order to department or specific staff member.
    • Link to Assets managed in Asset Management module, if applicable.
    • Link to other relevant items managed by SocialGov modules.
    • Configure the approval workflow or select from a pre-programmed workflow.
  • Your work order is then routed via the approvers as specified.
  • Once all required approvers have signed-off, the work order is routed to the assigned-to staff or department or is routed to those responsible for generating the RFPs or RFBs in your organization.
  • As work is completed, updates to the record are made.
  • Results are reported to management and deliverables timeline is created. Delays are automatically flagged and referred to management for review.