VertexGraph's Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) approach enables organizations to reduce complexity and cost while ensuring secure remote access to file servers.

VertexGraph's Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) solution provides a better alternative to VPN, enabling organizations to reduce complexity and cost while ensuring secure remote access to file servers.

Traditionally, VPNs have been used to give remote employees access to company resources such as file server data. However, VPNs leave a company's network wide open, posing a risk to the company.

VertexGraph introduces its ZTNA 2.0 alternative to VPN. The ZTNA 2.0 approach connects users directly to various resources rather than the network. The solution continuously applies application-layer checks for every request from the user before sending it to a company's information technology assets.

By eliminating the need for expensive VPNs and reducing IT teams' support burden for resolving VPN-related issues, VertexGraph's solution provides cost savings while improving the overall efficiency of companies' IT infrastructure.

The solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with a company's existing file servers from both on-premises and in the cloud, without the need to punch a hole on the firewall. Companies can leverage existing corporate identities in Active Directory for access management and retain existing NTFS permissions for granular control of folders and files.

At the same time, companies quickly reap the benefits. Easy remote drive letter mapping lets users work with remote files from on-premises and cloud file servers as if they are local; global file locking is applied to ensure data integrity automatically.

In addition, VertexGraph's ZTNA 2.0 access solution offers control and protection to organizations. It alerts companies of possible ransomware attacks and data leaks when there is an unusual level of file changes and downloads detected. Built-in comprehensive auditing and reporting enable companies to gain valuable insight into how their information technology resources are being accessed.

With the increasing need for secure remote access in today's world, VertexGraph's ZTNA 2.0 access solution comes as a timely solution that addresses the needs of organizations looking for a better and more secure approach that can replace VPN.

About VertexGraph:
VertexGraph provides a seamless hybrid work experience, with unified and secure access to on-premises and cloud resources (files, applications, remote desktops, user directories), no matter where work happens. The plug-and-play solution non-intrusively integrates with existing resources and applies Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) for protection. By replacing legacy policies and rules with smart scenario-based access control, VertexGraph helps organizations achieve a hybrid working environment where security is no longer a burden. Find out more at

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Original Source: VertexGraph Introduces Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) Alternative to VPN for Secure Remote File Server Access
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