Home Tech Polygraf AI Unveils AI Content Detection to Combat Disinformation

Polygraf AI Unveils AI Content Detection to Combat Disinformation

Polygraf AI Unveils AI Content Detection to Combat Disinformation
Polygraf AI Unveils AI Content Detection to Combat Disinformation

Polygraf AI Content Detection

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polygraf AI, a leading data validation and data leakage protection company, today announced the launch of its latest product, AI Content Detection. This announcement follows the company’s most recent accolade where its flagship on-prem AI Governance software was honored with the prestigious Top AI & Data Product of 2024 Award by Products That Count.

Founded in 2021, Austin-headquartered Polygraf AI provides organizations with AI & Data integrity, monitoring, and governance solutions. The company’s proprietary products detect, monitor, and mitigate potential confidential, business-critical, proprietary data leaks & breaches while engaging with commercial AI systems or at device endpoints.

The company’s AI Content Detection product, which is available as a browser extension on the Google Chrome Store, is a digital integrity solution that verifies the authenticity and credibility of online text by identifying whether the content has been artificially generated or enhanced, and which generative AI model was used to create it. In addition, Polygraf provides real-time, detailed insights into why content has been identified as Human or AI-generated, if AI content was humanized, and if deception or disinformation is present in the content.

Polygraf AI Content Detection ensures that individuals, creators, educators, and businesses experience and maintain a safer online environment. Users can use Polygraf to combat misinformation & Deep Fake text content in real-time, and also replace tedious, lengthy review processes with automation. It presently validates data against most commercial and popular AI models, including OpenAI GPT (ChatGPT 3/3.5/4), Gemini, Llama2/3, Mistral, Claude, Grammarly and other grammar enhancers.

While other available AI detection tools simply differentiate between identifying AI vs. human-generated content, Polygraf identifies the AI model used to create the content, with clearly defined metrics, confidence scores, and explanations. This is critical for students and other creators as many AI detection tools incorrectly classify grammar-modified content as AI-generated. Polygraf’s protocols will also eliminate intentional malicious AI deception techniques such as white text within the background, the Cyrillic alphabet mixed with Latin, and a lot more.

“Currently, 57% of online content is synthetic. It’s no longer enough to say if the content we’re reading is AI or human-generated – we need to know what created it, what the intent was, and who owns the original copyright. We’ve built Polygraf to empower our users to harness the efficiencies of AI tools responsibly and ethically and to expose digital spam, disinformation, and bot content by simply highlighting it. Our engine is versatile, currently outperforming the competition by 6%. We understand that the AI disinformation game is just beginning, and we will be expanding our functionality to deepfake identification soon.” says Yagub Rahimov, Founder and CEO at Polygraf AI.

Polygraf AI Content Detection is a freemium solution that supports AI Identification, source detection, and writing analysis. Additionally, enhanced plans (standard and premium) provide extended functionality (with God mode), depending on user needs. A customized enterprise-level software version is also available. As part of its mission to foster responsible and ethical AI utilization, Polygraf has earmarked $1M in tokens for distribution to university students. Eligible students can access an enhanced plan at no cost with a valid university email ID.

More about Polygraf AI:

Polygraf Inc. is an artificial intelligence company headquartered in Austin, TX. The company enables data-driven organizations to identify, monitor & and mitigate emerging AI & Data threats through its proprietary AI-powered solutions.

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