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Managing the process by which internal requests for materials or supplies is tough-enough without letting antiquated processes make it worse. Evolve your processes to use the latest technology to make your work easier and more profitable for your organization.

How does our Requisition Workflow work?

  1. Requestor checks actual inventory online in real-time.
  2. Requestor fills-out form online, specifying what is needed and when. If something is not in inventory, this generates an automatic request to re-order.
  3. The approval process begins: one or more (or none) persons are designated as the required approvers for specific items or groupings of items that can be requested. The request is routed to each of them via email notification to log-in and give their approval or rejection of the request. The original requestor is informed continually of the status of their request during this process and throughout. No more phone calls or random emails going around trying to track the status of any request.
  4. Once approved, the request is routed to your warehouse or warehouses and a pick ticket can be generated automatically. Requests scheduled for future dates are stored and continually reminded to the warehouse staff.
  5. Once the order is filled and sent to the requester, everyone in the chain is automatically notified and can see the precise location of a request or its completion and closing in our online application.

This is the process in its entirety, and it dovetails with our Asset Management module that can track everything from expendables to real assets and vehicles. Please contact us to find out exactly how SocialGov can benefit your organization!