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Every SocialGov module is designed to be tightly integrated with the client Government agency’s IT infrastructure, accounting system, and all established processes. This gives us a unique opportunity to provide a level of service unimaginable to the companies that aggregate contract data by scraping multiple agency websites and charge a fee of the vendors that want to access this information.

Make your purchasing process less painful and far more efficient.
Manage your RFPs
Receive bids online
Award bids online
Know who saw your opportunity
How Does It Work?
Digitize your internal Requisition management process in one step.
Create new Reqs
Assign to staff and cost centers
Produce financial reports
Integrate with accounting
How Does It Work?
Work Orders
Manage your work order workflow - generate, validate, approve.
Quickly generate internal Orders
Seek, get, and record approvals
Assign to staff and create RFPs
Validate requests
How Does It Work?
Keep close tabs on contractor compliance.
Audit Plans for Opportunities
Reviews of vendors
Track vendor performance
Regulatory compliance boost
How Does It Work?


Event & Task Calendar
Manage your department's events; set deliverables dates.
Schedule events.
Plan meetings, audits, and deliverables.
Tie-in to every module.
How Does It Work?
Auctions Module
Sell your surplus assets - decommissioned or unused property.
Create a new source of revenue.
Reduce hassle - free up storage space.
No costly auctioneers.
How Does It Work?
Asset Management
Track your departments assets; keep them in service longer.
Record vehicles, fixed assets, and other equipment.
Schedule maintenance.
Plan for repairs and upkeep.
How Does It Work?
City Attorney Case Management
Track legal cases, plan strategy, never be caught off-guard.
Record litigation details.
Track dates of hearings.
Record attorney feedback to share on future proceedings.
How Does It Work?


Integrated Reporting System
Tie it all together and get comprehensive reports of the data you generate.
Ad-hoc reporting.
Custom-built reports for your department.
Historical data reports.
How Does It Work?
Executive Dashboard
Provide your top-level executives with immediate access to the most critical information.
Concise graphical reporting.
Output limited to that needed by top executives.
Designed to be useful at a glance.
How Does It Work?
Integration & Consulting
If your department requires customization or help with any other IT tasks - we can help.
App customization.
Systems troubleshooting and upgrades.
Security audits; unit testing.
How Does It Work?
Bankruptcy Preference Analysis
Help your bankruptcy legal team perform vital Preference Analysis using our proprietary software.
Upload transaction ledger.
Instant notification of suspect transactions.
Recall client's funds.
How Does It Work?