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Procurement Module


  • Requisition Management Module
  • Work Order Management Module
  • Procurement Management Module
  • Contract Oversight Module

These four modules allow your agency to have a completely integrated workflow, from the discovery of need, through to putting it up for bid by private contract firms. You will be able to manage the approval workflow of internal documents, gather and archive approvals from various stakeholders, and track the time, location, and IP address of individual making the changes. Publish your Opportunities, receive Bids, and award the best bid – all online and with minimal human intervention from staff. Oh yes, you will also not need the number of staff you currently use to handle these processes.

The PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT MODULE is a means for your department to publish contract opportunities to the public in order to get more involvement from your local vendors and contractors. You can publish your RFP/RFQ/RFI, distribute your plan documents, see who is a planholder and who has viewed or downloaded any part of the opportunity and receive bids from interested parties. The entire PROCUREMENT process migrates to the Internet, on our secure server, and puts you in charge of every part of it. No more putting your opportunities on a third-party bulletin board and hoping someone will respond.

The publically-visible list of your procurement opportunities can be installed on your department’s website, in a visible location, and will allow visitors to instantly discover the latest opportunities available or to search for more specific terms.

Government Agency Site Walkthrough
A step-by-step guide to using the Procurement Module for the Government Agency worker responsible for this process. This video is very useful in helping you visualize the entire process and help you out of a jam if you forget how something specific works.

Automated Opportunity Notification of Contractors

When a Contractor company signs up with SocialGov, we offer (and strongly suggest) that the administrator select several NAICS Interest codes that match the specialization of the Company. At the same time we encourage Agencies to specify as many NAICS codes as necessary to cover the scope of work to be performed in their Opportunity, and offer them the option of strictly enforcing a NAICS code match between Opportunity and Contractor. When our system says that a Contractor is a Match – it really means it. If you are not sure what NAICS code are, here is a brief primer: NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System and is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies to classify business establishments. Here is a link to the latest information offered by the US Census website: 

Contractor Company Site Walkthrough
This video is a demonstration of how the Contractor Company staff see the Opportunities that you will be posting on SocialGov. Again, this is a great help for users who require a little help with using the site.

Advanced Search Option

When you search for an Opportunity in SocialGov, you have a very fine filter available to you to pick the seed from the chaff. You can enter an Opportunity number, one or more keywords from the Opportunity title or description, select a Government Agency to limit the search, the Opportunity Status or Category, a full or partial NAICS Interest Code (see above), or the maximum distance of the radius within which the results must located.

Advanced Opportunity Access Policies

When a Government Agency enters a new Opportunity into the SocialGov system, they can specify exactly who can see and bid on it. This granular access restriction can be specified in several ways: leave it open to all interested parties, closed access – by invitation only, within a given State, within a range of Zip Codes, or within a specific set of Zip Codes.

Government Agency Workflow History Reporting

When you run a busy Government Agency with multiple employees working on procurement and purchasing, it is inevitable that the records of who changed what in a given Opportunity will be lost or forgotten. Or, months later, someone will remember that a past employee once did things a certain way. Well, now there is no more guessing – SocialGov provides complete reporting necessary to pinpoint which changes were made by which staff member.

Opportunity and Document View Access Information

Agencies posting Opportunities on SocialGov always have access to a report that outlines exactly which Companies and Users have viewed the Opportunity and downloaded the associated Documents. There is complete accountability when it comes to knowing who saw your Opportunity and who did not.

System Licensing Options

We are offering the SocialGov proprietary contract management system to local government agencies in two versions – one running on our servers and managed by us here at SocialGov, and the other installed at the client’s location and managed by the client’s own IT team. Choosing one option over the other involves many different considerations, including physical control over the data, up-front cost, system and server administration, and cost of maintenance of own servers. The following table lists the major differences between the two options.