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The Way to Happiness team spreads “Help Take Care of the Planet” message across nation’s capital

The Way to Happiness team spreads “Help Take Care of the Planet” message across nation’s capital

Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director of the Way to Happiness Foundation DC, demonstrated some of the ways that this positive message was gotten out.

At the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director of the The Way to Happiness Washington, DC, flying her kite at the Washington Monument.

Native Washingtonian, Dr. Warees Majeed, talking about using The Way to Happiness as a tool the community can use to improve the environment for all.

Community members signing a pledge to do more for the environment and community where they live.

The Way to Happiness educators kit available for teachers or school program directors for free.

The Way to Happiness is a common sense guide to better living that includes not only the advice “Help Take Care of the Planet,” but how to do it.

The purpose is to improve the environment we are living in.”

— Ms. Kim Bey, Executive Director, The Way to Happiness Foundation DC

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2022 / — The Way to Happiness Foundation celebrated United Nations World Environment Day 2022 with a pop-up exhibit and a gathering of advocates, activists and volunteers who were inspired by passionate speakers on this year’s theme: “Only One Earth.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Oye Owolewa, the shadow representative for the District of Columbia, emphasized the message of the day: “You have to remember, there is no Planet B. This is the only planet we have.” He detailed environmental justice issues that he has advocated for, such as the proper care and management of all the National Parks in Washington, DC, as well as environmental issues affecting its residents. Dr. Owolewa was elected shadow representative to Congress, since DC is a federal district, not a state.

Next, Executive Director of The Way to Happiness Foundation DC, Ms. Kim Bey, briefed about the distribution of over 100,000 copies of The Way to Happiness, a non-religious, common sense guide to better living, throughout the area. The booklet includes advice particularly relevant to World Environment Day: “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment.”

Attendees learned about unique and fun ways they can spread the message, such as on The Way to Happiness kites in the Cherry Blossom kite festival with a kite for each of the 21 precepts (an advice or rule of conduct) in The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness Foundation DC has also delivered seminars to after- school programs, teachers, justice-involved juveniles, and others throughout the city.

Ms. Bey has personally given out thousands of The Way to Happiness educational booklets to others teaching basic common-sense principles to lead a happier life. She reported on a project where she is “training the trainers” and offering free seminars to nonprofit groups involved in social improvement work. Recently she trained a group of trainers from an organization that provides social development and job readiness training to inner-city kids and families in Washington, DC. These trainers are now using The Way to Happiness booklet as a tool to prevent violence.

Ms. Bey shared photos from their recent March Against Violence at the Lincoln Memorial and many other activities this chapter has been doing across DC to make it a happier and safer place.

“The purpose,” Ms. Bey explained, “is to improve the environment we are living in. Not just the physical environment, but we all want less crime and more happiness, don’t we?”

Warees Majeed, a community activist in Washington, DC, Founder of YAAY ME, INC, and No Slide Zone organizer, spoke about the importance of working together as a community to tackle environmental issues that affect people, violence, lack of education and other issues. Dr. Majeed talked passionately about the urgency of everyone doing more and working together. “We have to work together to make things happen.”

Attendees then toured through The Way to Happiness Pop-Up Exhibit and brought up new ideas about what they each could do in order to help promote the booklet and its precepts. Many were motivated to take responsibility for the environment and to do more.

The Way to Happiness was written and published in 1982 and remains just as relevant today as it was then. In the chapter, “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment,” author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard says:

“Cut down too many forests, foul too many rivers and seas, mess up the atmosphere and we have had it. The surface temperature can go roasting hot, the rain can turn to sulfuric acid. All living things could die.

“One can ask, ‘Even if that were true, what could I do about it?’ Well, even if one were simply to frown when people do things to mess up the planet, one would be doing something about it. Even if one only had the opinion that it was just not a good thing to wreck the planet and mentioned that opinion, one would be doing something.

Care of the planet begins in one’s own front yard. It extends through the area one travels to get to school or work. It covers such places as where one picnics or goes on vacation. The litter which messes up the terrain and water supply, the dead brush which invites fire, these are things one need not contribute to and which, in otherwise idle moments, one can do something about. Planting a tree may seem little enough but it is something.”

World Environment Day was established at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, held in 1972 from June 5 to June 16. It was the first world conference that made the environment an issue. On June 5, 1974, the day was first celebrated to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

The mission of The Way to Happiness Foundation International, which prints and distributes the booklets, is to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty the world over. This mission is accomplished on a grass-roots level by individuals who share The Way to Happiness book with others and so bring about an increase in tolerance and understanding.

Volunteers have done park clean ups, graffiti paint-outs and other environmental improvement activities. For decades they have worked in education programs, crime prevention programs, and after-school programs using The Way to Happiness in Washington, DC, and around the world to help teach common sense values.

To date, some 100 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed in more 114 languages and in over 170 countries.

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