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Online Law Schools Promote Inclusivity

Online Law Schools Promote Inclusivity

Taft Law School

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Legal Education Accessible for All

SANTA ANA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In years past, legal education was primarily accessible only to those who had the time, education, and money to attend law school. Today, legal programs are being made available online, so those who previously would not have been able to attend traditional law school for these reasons, now can do so. There are many benefits to earning a legal degree online, including greater flexibility and lower cost compared to traditional in-person programs. For this reason, online programs are more inclusive to underserved populations.

One of the biggest advantages of an online program is the flexibility. For those working full-time or having other commitments, attending a traditional in-person law school is difficult, if not impossible. Online students can complete their degree on a schedule that fits their individual lifestyle. They can learn from anywhere; if there is an internet connection, they can access course materials and participate in class discussions, whether at home with the family, commuting on a bus/train, or during a lunch break at work. Without having to worry about schedule conflicts and transportation, going to law school becomes attainable for many that previously were unable to make it work.

In addition, tuition is often lower for online programs, especially those schools who do not have a physical campus to maintain. Tuition for an entire online law degree program frequently amounts to less than the cost of a single term at a brick-and-mortar law school. According to Education Data Initiative, the average cost per year for law school is $45,990. Frequently, the affordability of any type of education is a deciding factor of whether a person will enroll in school, especially those who live in a low-income household. Often, one must choose making ends meet, over making opportunities, and having the capability to do both is a game changer.

Many may argue however that although online law programs excel in flexibility and cost, they do not have the same quality of education. Students in an online law program still learn from a variety of experienced legal professionals and offer a community of faculty and students to interact with. Online law programs typically offer a variety of courses taught by practicing attorneys, judges, and law professors who can provide students with real-world insights into the legal profession.

For those interested in an online degree program, Taft Law School is one to consider. Established in 1984, Taft Law School is one of the oldest distance learning law schools in the country. With nearly 50 years of experience in distance education, they are a leader in online legal instruction. Students can be confident that they will receive a valuable education from Taft, without the traditional law school price tag.

The Juris Doctor program at Taft Law School offers students a unique opportunity to pursue a career in law. Students enrolling in their Juris Doctor program have many different career or personal goals. Many intend to practice law, but equal numbers elect to enter private enterprise or devote their lives to public service. Graduates of Taft’s JD program are eligible to sit for the California General Bar Examination, and upon passing may practice law in California, in addition to the U.S. District Court. Some states will permit graduates from a non-ABA law school to sit for their bar examination after they have met certain criteria.

A major barrier for many seeking admittances to law school is their educational history. From experience, Taft Law School knows that some of the best law students don’t have degrees from prestigious universities or have a degree at all – they understand that sometimes in life there are speedbumps that may have slowed a person down, even derailing them, and earning an education could not take precedence. This should not be a reason a person’s dream becomes unattainable. For this reason, Taft extends acceptance to applicants that have earned either their Associates of Art or Science; earned at least 60 semester/90 quarter college units; or completed three specific CLEP (College Level Examination Program) examinations.

Another of the many advantages of Taft’s Juris Doctor program is that the courses can be completed 100% online, requiring no classroom, no specific class times, and no seminar attendance. Many online law programs today require a period of residency, whether it be attending in-person orientation classes or spending time in a physical class, however this is not a requirement at Taft Law School. In addition, Taft offers two modalities of learning: Independent Study and Directed Study. These give students the flexibility to choose the format that best fits their life, either working independently at their own pace or, with a cohort of other students, both supported by a faculty mentor.

The Program utilizes materials available at virtually every elite law school in the United States. In addition to casebooks, of equal importance are treatises, outlines and audio lectures recorded by some of the most prestigious law professors in the United States, and other study aids. Simple “busy work” found in many programs is eliminated. Students, with the advice of faculty, are encouraged to emphasize the study methods they find most beneficial.

Lastly, tuition at Taft Law School is only $365.00 per unit, making Taft’s program one of the most affordable. On average students take 24-units each academic year, totaling only $8,760.00 – this is 79% less expensive than the average cost of traditional law schools. Students may apply for financial aid by filling out the FASFA to see if they are eligible for any Direct Student Loans (Directed Study format only). For those who do not pursue student loans, Taft offers interest free installment plans to help with the cost of tuition.

For anyone considering a career in law, an online law degree can be a great option. With its many benefits, online education is an increasingly popular choice for students seeking a legal education. As the legal industry continues to evolve, online law schools are poised to become the new standard for legal education. Offering convenience, affordability, and experience, whatever your goal is, Taft can help you get to the finish line.

For more information about Taft Law School, please click HERE, or visit their website www.TaftU.edu or contact them at 800-477-5558.

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