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MontaVista Extends Strategic Focus on Embedded Linux Security, Industrial/Robotics Solutions and ROS Support

MontaVista Extends Strategic Focus on Embedded Linux Security, Industrial/Robotics Solutions and ROS Support
MontaVista Extends Strategic Focus on Embedded Linux Security, Industrial/Robotics Solutions and ROS Support

WIth recent MVSecure design wins, MontaVista implements a “security-first” strategy across product lines: Carrier-Grade eXpress (CGX), MVShield and MVEdge.

We see security being a critical core value proposition we provide to our customers. Our foundation of real-time, hardened Linux along with long-term support are key to address cybersecurity needs.”

— Iisko Lappalainen, MontaVista Director of Product Management

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, October 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — MontaVista® Software, LLC, a leader in commercial Embedded Linux® products and services, announced it has embarked on a strategic initiative to embed secure platform principles throughout MontaVista’s product lineup to meet the ever increasing cyber security needs of industrial IoT, robotics, medical, and smart infrastructure applications. MontaVista will leverage its long standing, deep embedded Linux expertise with an intelligent-gateway-targeted CGX distribution based on the Yocto project.

This includes:

• Security Consulting & Certification: MontaVista is enhancing the MVSecure offering to provide streamlined comprehensive coverage for customers intending to comply with the latest certifications and standards such as the EU Cyber Resilience Act, the US Executive Order on Cybersecurity, Common Criteria EAL-levels, FIPS, and ISO SIL-levels. MVSecure services will also help customers incorporate security facilities like secure boot, SELinux and Linux integrity management.

• Built-in Security for the Long Term: Creating an out-of-the box, “Secure by Default” configuration for security on CGX, MontaVista’s highly reliable and hardened embedded Linux, enabling off-the-shelf security for customers using a CGX-enabled BSP, standard in the CGX license, along with full long-term maintenance and over 10+ years of supported lifecycle per version.

• Enterprise Linux Peace-of-Mind: MontaVista’s MVShield provides ready-to-deploy “Secure by Design” configurations for enterprise and COTS hardware deployments. MVShield is derived from the Rocky Linux and CentOS baselines and provides strict mission-critical SLA support and long-term maintenance on a RHEL-compliant Linux baseline. With MontaVista’s security enhancements, customers enjoy risk reduction and time-to-market benefits in providing secure images for their target end products.

• Secure Software Supply Chain: Leveraging the MVSecure approach, MontaVista enables our customers to add supply chain security, providing a scorecard on the supply chain trust for components used by MontaVista customers. This adds further vetting and industry-standard scanning and processes to the product development, including standard SBOM generation and CVE management using OVAL descriptions to support scanners such as OpenSCAP.

• Intelligent Gateway: MontaVista is adding several ready-to-launch pre-built images targeting common IoT/Robotics/Industrial use-cases. This feature-enhanced CGX is built around the MVEdge product line and targets a gateway use-case running the ROS (Robot OS) middleware. It brings support for top-end graphics capabilities like accelerated Wayland/Flutter stack, full real-time Linux support, and AI/ML pre-enabled capabilities that support accelerator chips such as embedded TPUs and GPUs.

Supporting Quotes:

“We see security being more and more in the core of the value proposition we provide to our customers”, said Iisko Lappalainen, Director of Product Management at MontaVista Software, “We have provided support for Linux and CVEs since 1999, and a significant set of security features in our product ever since. It’s very natural and logical to step up our focus in this area even further. We also see the Industrial IoT solutions being an area where all of the MontaVista fundamental values merge together. Our foundation of real-time, hardened, highly reliable Linux distributions and our capability to integrate complex embedded solutions for harsh environments, and to support them for the long-term are all key requirements for this market. We are very excited to embark on this journey and invite our partners and interested customer to join us.”

MontaVista is encouraging customers and partners to contact your local representative, or MontaVista at sales@mvista.com and/or visit www.mvista.com for more information and discussions.

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