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Integration & Consulting

Is your organization in need of specialized technical services that are not easily sourced in your geographical area? Have you been putting off upgrades to systems and software because the thought of integrating these with your org structure and re-training your staff is an onerous task? Would you like someone to come on-site and train and your staff at length in the optimal use of the SocialGov platform (beyond the free, included, training in the initial purchase)? 

We are here to help by bringing in the staff needed to get any integration off to a running start.

  • Do you plan to migrate to a more robust database platform for your department but there is no one to migrate the business logic stored in procedures to make this practical?
  • Do you have large-scale data ETL tasks that have been put off indefinitely because there is no one available to write them?
  • Are you migrating your servers to one of the cloud solution providers and need some on-site help on making this happen?
  • Do you need to run a security audit to keep current with threats and to be able to provide security credentials to other parties?

We are here to help! Please email us at and we will be glad to take a look at your requirements and suggest a way in which we can help you.