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City Attorney Case Management

Every legal case managed by an attorney has many disparate events and hearings, persons, documents, assets, plans, and other items that must be juggled by the lead attorney. City Attorneys of even modest-sized cities have to deal with this many times over, and simultaneously. We make this easier for all the Civil litigation handles by your city attorney’s office.

  • Track parties involved
  • File all documents online and make them securely available to counsel as needed, in the office or on the road.
  • Track all hearings, link parties and paperwork required, as well as court officers involved.
  • Create and store all injunctions and order issued by the courts, and make this information available to your law enforcement to allow for better enforcement of judicial orders.
  • Allow your attorneys to save comments about courts, judges, and other court officers that will create a future reference to help you deal with the courts better in the future. Example – what if one judge is more amenable to civil forfeiture, while another tended to rule in the city’s favor on police liability claims? This is just one of the ways how SocialGov saves your constituents’ hard-earned tax dollars from leaving the budget while ensuring that your department is following the law.