Fireball - Pepper Ball Launcher

Fireball - Pepper Ball Launcher

Guard Dog Security, a Florida-based company specializing in pepper sprays and bulletproof backpacks, has released a gun that fires non-lethal pepper balls from up to 60 feet in distance. 

The company cites growing demand for such non-lethal projectiles in the wake of the 2020 killing of George Floyd and ensuing discontent with lethal force. 

The gun has a retail starting at $99, which is designed to be used for civilians and law enforcement. 

"We've worked hard on this gun to make it affordable for both professional and consumer use, and we're excited about the impact it can have on protection, self-defense and the way we approach situations where a highly effective, non-lethal option can be used," says Yasir Sheikh, President/CEO of Guard Dog Security. 

The FireBall gun includes choices to project pepper balls, chalk balls and rubber bullets, which can be used for crowd and riot controls.

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Original Source: Manufacturer of Defense Products Introduces a Non-Lethal Pepper Bullet Gun After Increased Demand
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