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INS Global Ushers in a New Era of PEO Services in Response to Needs of Today’s More Global and Interconnected Work

INS Global Ushers in a New Era of PEO Services in Response to Needs of Today’s More Global and Interconnected Work

Launch of GlobalView, New SaaS Cloud HRIS Platform, Helps Companies Streamline Most Common HR Functions

SINGAPORE, August 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The past decade has seen a major shift in how companies of all size operate, grow and hire globally, driven by powerful cloud-based technologies, greater access to information, and worldwide markets more interconnected than ever, according to INS Global, a global professional employer organization (PEO) that helps companies expand into new countries quickly and seamlessly.

Reflecting these changes, INS Global proudly announces GlobalView, a SaaS-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform for worldwide talent management, and a full rebrand, including a modernized logo and website.

“Keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing world of work requires new technologies and the ability to enable disparate teams from different countries and cultures to work together seamlessly,” says Wei Hsu, CEO of INS Global. “The launch of GlobalView, our new logo and rebrand reflect our understanding of these imperatives, as well as our commitment to making management of a truly global workforce as seamless as possible,” Wei added.

GlobalView: Enabling Today’s HR Department to Do More

In building GlobalView, INS Global started with one essential question: What if there were a way company could streamline its most common operational HR obligations, and free up time and resources on workforce optimization and new market growth objectives?

GlobalView is a feature-rich, SaaS platform that enables companies to manage their global workforce with ease and efficiency, while providing at-a-glance insights into the key information and metrics needed to optimize teams and individuals around the world.

The platform’s purpose is to automate manual tasks to save time, reduce errors and improve productivity. With a comprehensive directory that automatically maintains and stores invoices, pay slips, and other important records, clients can view all expenses in one central location, with records dating back up to three years.

The platform also advances INS Global’s mission of simplifying global expansion for companies of all size. Traditionally, launching new locations overseas was possible only for corporations with access to resources, expertise and a longer timescale to expand globally. Today, collaborative technologies like GlobalView, powered by the on-the-ground expertise of a PEO like INS Global, has allowed small and medium-sized businesses to take their business to new heights.

“GlobalView answers a burning need of companies the world over: an easy-to-use platform featuring a more seamless employee experience than ever before, providing the HR department with the freedom to focus more on strategic needs like workforce development and less on transactional services,” says Philippe Barthelemy, Head of Product Development at INS Global.

INS Global’s New Look Reflects the Modern World of Work

Technologies and innovation, on their own, aren’t enough to give companies a competitive edge. They also need the right people in the right seats at the right time. Increasingly, this means working with disparate teams the world over, to find the right mix of talent, experience and cost-competitive workers.

About INS Global

INS Global is the fastest-growing organization providing worldwide business expansion services and simplifying operations without hassle or delay. Our range of services include global PEO, global employer of record and company incorporation services. We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to the global needs of organizations.

To learn more about how INS Global can help foster growth for your company, please visit https://ins-globalconsulting.com/contact/

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