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Asset Management

Managing your organization’s assets, large and small, has never been easier!

Our Asset Management module (including GIS-based tracking component) allows you to keep a current inventory of your warehouse, on- or off-site, as well as managing all other tangible assets, such as:

  • Fixed Assets
    • Buildings
      • Office buildings
      • Warehouses
      • Tooling/manufacturing
      • Light and power transmission poles
      • Generating plants
      • Hospitals
      • Radio repeater installations
      • Etc…
    • Tooling
    • Plant Machinery
      • HVAC systems
      • Boilers
      • Etc…
  • Operating Assets
    • Inventory of goods
    • Inventory of internal-use materials and supplies
    • Inventory of organization-owned equipment (tied to a maintenance plan)
    • Vehicles
  • Non-operating assets
    • Vacant land
    • Etc…

Once the assets are in our system, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Track the cost basis and cost centers for integration with your internal accounting system.
  • Schedule necessary maintenance and repairs to prolong the useful life of your assets.
  • Plan for obsolescence by tracking the in-use and planned retirement dates of the assets (if applicable), and liquidate the obsolete assets via our Asset Auction module.
  • Report all tracked aspects of each asset for its entire useful life – this helps you plan for needed assets and to research the existing assets to evaluate whether changes need to be made to maximize the benefit to your organization or your constituents.